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Cognitive Decline

Brain fog, mental fatigue, and trouble focusing are some of the most common symptoms we see in our patients. And Post-Covid Syndrome has only added to that.

Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s are 20-30 years in the making, so right now is the best time to address issues you are seeing and prevent future decline.


Choose a Brighter Future

Your brain health problems are not just all in your head. In fact, it could be said that a lot of it is in your gut! Your brain health and gut health are closely connected.

You’d be surprised at how many factors play into your brain health. The way you eat, sleep, stress, digest, detox, think, move, and connect with others all play a major role. We break it all down step-by-step into small research-backed habit changes that can make a big difference in the end. A little bit of change can go a long way!


Conventional Medicine

Pharmaceutical interventions for cognitive decline or mental focus can be problematic. Medications for attention and focus can be addictive and may bring a list of adverse side effects. Medications for Alzheimer’s may slow the progression a little, but not enough to make much difference. Luckily, research is now showing that lifestyle changes can not only prevent cognitive decline but actually reverse it. [1]

Sometimes it feels really intimidating to make lifestyle changes, but look at it this way: your life is going to change either way. Would you rather proactively avoid pain and suffering or do you want to wait for disease to force you to make changes?

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Block off 30 minutes each day and change your life forever.

(Pro Tip: Add it to your calendar and set an alarm on your phone!) 


  • Learn how to improve brain health using food as medicine.
  • Healthy swaps + challenges.
  • Find out why meal timing is everything.



  •  Figure out which type of exercise will make the biggest difference for you (and your brain!)
  •  Try out new tools for tracking progress.



  • Learn how one simple method can switch off your stress in minutes.
  • Discover sleep hacks that give your brain the chance to thrive.



  • Secrets to jumpstarting your brain’s detoxification system (your glymphatic system).
  • Discover hidden toxins in your home.
  • Product swaps



  • Tricks and tips for changing your trajectory.
  • Why relationships matter most and how connecting with others plays a huge role in brain health.
  • How to create the future you want.



  • Why brain exercise is every bit as important as any other physical exercise
  • How cognitive training can improve your focus and stretch your memory.


Brainlift is such a great program. It had a significant improvement on my overall cognitive abilities. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their “brain fog” and sharpen their thinking!

Ian Lindsey

Our coach was very knowledgeable in all the aspects of the training. She shared many useful ideas from her experiences and learned knowledge. She was always there for us! The weekly Zoom calls were especially helpful, from not just the coach but others in the program. As we discussed different aspects, it was nice to get others view point and their opinions.

Kathryn Moore

I can't believe how fortunate I am to be part of this course. It is far more than I ever thought it would be--so much helpful information

Judy Richman

I understand how so many things work together to help learn what we should be doing to help us stay healthy physically as well as spiritually. So much valuable information on the why we should exercise, meditation, positive attitude, making cooking fun, take time to relax one day a week, and focus on the best plan in each area to strengthen our minds and bodies.

Marguerite Stephens

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

Our programs inlcude 6 months of trainings M-F. Each weekday you’ll receive an email with a brief overview of the day’s training and a link to the complete training, which may include a video, article, quiz, or questionnaire. You’ll earn points each time you take action and you can track of your progress as you make small shifts in your lifestyle and create new habits.

How long do I have access to the program?

You’ll have access to your 6-month program for nine months so you don’t have to stress if something comes up. All that being said, we do recommend trying to keep up with your daily trainings as much as possible. Our goal is to help you build habits and habits require consistency!

What happens if I get behind in the program?

Life happens (and that’s a good thing!). Our goal is to help you create meaningful change in a step-by-step, sustainable and non-stressful way. If you take a vacation or just need a break, it’s ok, you can catch up! You can also email us at any time and we can adjust your start date so that you have time to get back on track before getting more email reminders. You’ll have access to your 6-month program for nine months so you don’t have to stress if something comes up. All that being said, we do recommend trying to keep up with your daily trainings as much as possible. Our goal is to help you build habits and habits require consistency!

What if I want to do multiple programs?

Most chronic diseases have similar root causes and we have designed our programs to help you address those and build resilience against disease. Many people who have blood sugar issues also experience brain fog; individuals with high cholesterol are also concerned about heart health. There is a lot of overlap in program content because we are focusing on lifestyle interventions that apply to almost all diseases. Some of the main differences between programs are:

    • Each program has disease-specific research so that you understand why you need to make the recommended lifestyle shifts.
    • Nutrition plans are targeted to specific areas of weakness, as some foods that may be healthy for some people may need to be avoided by others until balance is restored and certain milestones are met.
    • Each program has unique supplement recommendations.
    • The Brainlift Program includes an additional time commitment to do daily brain training.

What if I need more support & accountability?

We have an option to upgrade to get access to our weekly Q&A calls led by our health coaching staff. We have multiple calls a week where you can ask any questions about the changes you are making and get additional ideas.

How do I work with one of your providers one-on-one?

If you are looking for a deep dive into your individual case, we offer one-on-one consultations with our functional medicine providers before or during your program. We take a 360-degree look at your health history and analyze your current lifestyle and symptoms to determine the lab testing that will help us discover the root causes of your issues and recommend which program will best help you reach your goals.

I already live a really healthy lifestyle, would this be useful?

If there is one thing that we have learned, it’s that we are never done learning! We have found that there is always something that we can upgrade. You may already be doing some of the things that we teach, or maybe you know you should be doing something, but have not implemented it yet. Our program will help you know where to focus and provide accountability. On top of that, we’re constantly adding new cutting-edge research, so we’re certain that we have new healthy habits for you to add to your life!


Let’s do this thing!