Dr. Scott Noorda, D.O.

Board-Certified Family Physician & Functional Medicine Practitioner

"Health is not one-size-fits-all. Each individual's unique personal history, genetics, biological systems, stressors, toxic load, diet, and overall lifestyle must be considered when formulating disease prevention and treatment protocols."


Dr. Scott Noorda received his Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Brigham Young University. He then went on to earn his medical degree at Midwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, followed by a residency program in Houston, Texas, where he served as Chief Medical Resident. Dr. Noorda is board-certified in family medicine and practiced family medicine, sports medicine, and geriatric medicine in Texas and North Carolina before moving to beautiful St. George, Utah.

Dr. Noorda chose to pursue a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine in a family medicine specialty because of his love of preventative medicine and holistic healing. Osteopathic physicians have identical coursework to allopathic physicians, with additional hands-on training in osteopathic manipulation. While some osteopathic physicians choose a professional path that doesn’t allow them to fully utilize this training in their day-to-day practices, Dr. Noorda saw firsthand how taking a whole-body approach to health could make a significant difference in pain management and overall well-being.

Functional Medicine

Modern Medicine + Ancient Wisdom

Dr. Noorda's passion for studying the latest medical research, coupled with his appreciation of nutrition & lifestyle medicine (fav past time: cooking and eating good food!), led to a desire to gain postdoctoral education in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine utilizes leading-edge research and advanced testing to discover and treat root causes of health issues. Functional Medicine is making a huge difference in the lives of people with autoimmune and chronic diseases who are not seeing results from medications or are unhappy with the potentially harmful side effects.

Dr. Noorda’s goal is to combine his training and experience in modern medicine with a more holistic approach to healing, utilizing lifestyle changes as a basis for reversing disease instead of just masking symptoms. With the core understanding that the health of our bodies is based on how we use and fuel them, Dr. Noorda seeks to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them find and maintain real health and treat chronic issues in a productive and sustainable way.

It's Personal

Helping Families Thrive

Dr. Noorda and his wife, Amy, have a passion for healthy living, problem-solving, and redesigning healthcare. They love adventures, inviting friends over for impromptu dinners, spending time in the sun, reading good books, and finding opportunities to teach their children about service.