You + Your Doctor.

(and nobody else)

Independence From Insurance

Healthcare that
is all about YOU.

Our focus is on helping patients who haven’t been able to get the care they are looking for through insurance and medicaid options. We see a lot of patients who have chronic or autoimmune diseases and unfortunately, insurance and Medicaid don’t cover a lot of the cutting-edge testing and support that we can offer. Insurance will cover medications that can sometimes mask the symptoms, but doesn't cover the direction and care needed to reverse the diseases.

Save Money, Get Better Care

How can I use the insurance I already have?

Medicaid and most insurance plans will cover the basic diagnostic testing that we do on all of our patients. We don't negotiate with or take calls from Insurers, but we can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance. Our independence from insurance saves us a significant amount (a typical private practice employs 3-5 people just to do insurance billing) and we love passing those savings on to you!