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Better care for less money? It's a no-brainer!

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Proactive Approach

Advanced testing allows us to discover your genetic weaknesses, ascertain your current system thresholds, and engineer a personalized preventative health plan. More time with your doctor means that we can work together to find and fix problems before they get expensive.

Fewer Medications

Our goal is to get your body working without being dependent on expensive (or any!) medications. We prescribe 70% fewer medications than other doctors, and only when safer and more holistic options are not available. We view most medications as a short-term solution.


We are all about keeping you out of the Urgent Care or the ER whenever possible. We can handle most problems in-house, with same day or next day appointments. We’re here for you and we’ll do whatever we can to get you the help you need, when you need it.

Health Shares

We partner with multiple Health Share companies to help you break free from insurance and save money. And on top of that, several Health Share programs we work with will offer reimbursements or discounts when you join resolve medical (because getting you healthier saves them money!)

No Surprises

With Resolve Medical, there are no copays or surprise charges at the front desk or in the mail. Any elective charges (additional diagnostic testing, for example) will always be 100% your decision. We are firm advocates of transparent pricing in healthcare.

Work With What You’ve Got

You can use your HSA/FSA money to pay for your Case Review or Monthly Membership and we can provide a superbill for visits that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. And we can keep our costs lower when we don't have to hire 3 more people just to bill insurance.


Get Better Healthcare.